Key Largo South

We awoke early in the AM and took one last look at downtown Miami before departing from our anchorage off Key Biscayne.

Downtown Miami 1

This fine yacht was next to us when we left.

Key Biscayne Hatteras

The Border and Customs Patrol boat passed us like a bullet.

3 Customs and Border Patrol

We passed through narrow cuts in the mangroves.

There were many hazards to watch out for. This broken daymarker piling was snapped off at the waterline. Someone attached a green pole to make it a bit more visible. I can only imagine what it must be like to slam into one of these pilings so hard that you shear it off. Ouch!.

5 Piling Broken

The bigger challenge in the Keys is water depth. It’s so shallow that you have to vigilant about staying out of the ‘skinny’ or shallow water. At times we saw depths in the 5′ range just inches below our full keel.


I think a captain wiser than I would say… “Thou’s  Speed Over Ground shall not exceed a water’s depth”.

As we arrived into Key Largo we past the Anchorage Yacht Club to port

6 Anchorage Yacht Club Key Largo

and a bar to starboard.

7 Key Largo Bar

As we continued.. the water was an amazing shade of bright green.

Kelly enjoyed the breeze as the temp was somewhere in the 80s. Just a great day.

9 Kelly

We originally thought we’d stop and anchor somewhere mid Key Largo but we  instead did almost 10 hours South. The wind was blowing hard and we needed to find somewhere to anchor that would offer us some protection from the wind and waves. We picked a little shallow cove that we found a good spot to drop the hook. It was so shallow that as I backed down on the anchor @800 RPM and the sandy bottom was being kicked up by our thrust.

11 Set Anchor Shallow

Tonight as we await the moon’s rising we are making plans for Boot Key tomorrow.