Miami and Key Biscayne

We enjoyed Fort Lauderdale and especially having family come to visit.EdDoKellyMarty

We hit some of the local restaurants like…


One night while on anchor a fellow cruiser from another boat came to visit and him and I chatted about the Bahamas and where to go. At 80 years old he and his wife had crossed over to the Bahamas countless times and he was nice enough to give me a map of interesting places to visit. I enjoyed that time and had a great selfie of the two of us to post here but unfortunately, I locked myself out of my phone and had to wipe and restore it losing the pics 😦

Our anchorage in Lake Sylvia had some amazing homes to look out at.

Occasionally we would see a floating tiki bar go by…


Next we anchored in Maule Lake in North Miami Beach.

We were enjoying the 80 degree days and cool breeze at night. We took the dink out to find more fun restaurants like Duffy’s.


There was a great abandoned park where I was able to land the dinghy. Time to do some re-provisioning.


Dingy full of required stuff, it was time to get back to the mother ship.



We keep waking up every morning and deciding to stay a bit longer till we realized that we need to be halfway down the keys in a few days so it was time to weigh anchor and get underway. The trip down the ICW took us past Haulover Sandbar.

Haulover Sandbar is a popular party spot in Miami and with it being Spring Break down here it is sure to come alive. We’ll have to stop on our way back from the Keys.

Random Haulover Sandbar YouTube Video


Tonight, we anchored in Key Biscayne Bight just as the sun was setting


The full moon made for a great night sitting in the aft cockpit and enjoying a few drinks.



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