Marco Island

Marco Island is wonderful. The trip here from the Everglades was a 10 hour slow trip through a hazy Gulf of Mexico.

Looking out the cockpit windows at times it seemed that the horizon simply faded into the pale green water.


At one point in the journey we noticed something floating on the water and thought we should investigate. From a distance I could not tell what it was..

Box Far Away
Something floating from afar

As we got closer it appeared to be a floating box of sorts. Maybe it was some kind of hatch cover off a boat?

Box Close
Piece of a boat?

As we entered the Marco Island entrance channel you could see the large buildings with the white sandy beaches. I believe hurricane Irma hit Marco island pretty hard but read that they were able to recover quickly and reopen their beaches for tourists.

There was a moment from that I could not figure out what the bright white lining the shore was. I’m not used to seeing beaches so white?

As we made our way in Capri Pass we passed people having fun on tubes as well as the Key West Express. For folks on the West coast of Florida Marco Island would seem a great jumping off point to get to Key West.

Soon we found a great anchor spot just outside the channel North West of Green Daymark #15. The current was strong but the holding great.

Our Anchor spot in Marco Island. Follow the orange route line to the outlined boat with heading line projected off bow.

Anchoring here puts you right in front of the “World Famous Snook Inn”. It  was time to drop the dink and go for some drinks.

At the Snook Inn bar

Looking out from the Snook Inn you could see MV Simple Life on anchor.

Snook Inn View 1
You can see MV Simple Life from our table at the Snook Inn in Marco Island.

You can also watch the many boats who sail on by. They have a custom of doing a close sail by the front windows of the Snook Inn and blowing their horn followed by waving at the folks in the restaurant. It was fun to watch the boats go by.


On our way back  we tried to get a selfie of us in the dink in front of our boat. We could not stop spinning in the current and the shade from our camera just seemed like an eclipse shadow that we could not shake.


While we were on anchor in Cudjoe Key a stray line became fouled in our propeller. MV Simple Life has a “pot cutter” on our propeller shaft and it did the job of cutting the line. However, we now had a slight vibration in the running gear at higher RPMs. I decided I should dive on the propeller and attempt to untangle any line from the propeller. While my heart may be on the water, I’m not very comfortable being “in the water”. Diving on a boat propeller while on anchor with current and sharp instruments in your hand turned out to be more difficult than expected. However after several attempts and even cutting my head after being banged into the hull, I managed to cut the offending line free.

Propeller Line
I don’t like diving to untangle lines from our prop. Time for a beer!

The spot we picked to anchor is in a “no wake” zone and passing traffic was super polite about passing us super slow.

After seeing the local sheriff pull over this pair of wave runners I get the feeling the sheriff enforces this no-wake zone.

The Sheriff enforces the no-wake zone here

The calm anchorage made for some beautiful sunsets.

Every night was a beautiful sunset

2 thoughts on “Marco Island

  1. I am in Largo, near Clearwater. If you come up this far north I will try and hook up with you. I will keep following your posts. Safe travels and try not to go in the water.


    1. Hi Ed, I would have loved to meet up for a beer but unfortunately we are heading back North via the Okeechobee Waterway. We are taking our time and waiting till we can claim we brought the warm Florida weather back with us. Seems we picked the right year to spend the winter down here.


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