Point Judith & Waiting on Poop

Our departure was later than expected but Steve Harding and Sean Flynn helped us get out before the sun set. Thank you both.

Before leaving the marina we stopped to fill up the water tanks with 450 gallons of water. The water was turned off on our dock due to the recent freezing temps and the next fill will have to be further South.

Taking on Water Before Departing Warwick, RI

The seas were fine in the bay, not bad (for mid-November) after taking on 350 gallons of diesel @ Wickford Cove, RI . We proceeded to run into the darkness until anchoring in Pt Judith’s Harbor of Refuge. The dogs don’t like the swell but are happy now that they are on anchor. The only issue we have is PooP.

We prefer the beach for pooping

We made the decision that the dogs will do “their business” on the artificial grass we placed in the cockpit. This saves me from making beach runs every morning and night to let the dogs have their time ashore. While I usually enjoy these dinghy rides… it is November. One of the best features we added to the boat was diesel-fired forced-hot-air heating that is ducted throughout the boat. The ride here was warm and dry in the raised pilothouse. Our plan is to celebrate our first night on anchor and awake with the sunrise & get underway. We are the only boat in the anchorage and with the moon being a waning crescent and overcast skies the anchorage is dark.

Pt Judith2
Dark Anchorage lit only by the lights from shore

Tomorrow, we want to put as much water under the keel as we can.
Getting South to warmer weather is our priority. We really appreciate all the great comments from our friends & family and hope you continue to enjoy our blog. We will do our best to post as often as we can.

Steaming Through Narragansett Bay

Every Journey Begins With a First Step

So we finally did it! What you say? Our goal of living aboard a sailboat and sailing the world. Ok, It’s not a sailboat and it’s not the world but only the East coast. But we DID IT! Tonight we finished moving everything out of the house and onto the boat. Yes, the boat is now full of our stuff. Your whole life is about collecting stuff. I never realized how true that is till now. Stuff that you thought would make your short stay on this Earth more meaningful but when it’s gone… you feel free. Your possessions weigh you down. I spent 3 months Craigslisting most of what I collected over my life. I feel FREE. We chose the name “Simple Life”.  “Sell everything you own except the boat and have the simple life”. I suppose it’s a philosophical statement about focusing more on the experience of life and less on the materialistic aspects. I hope that this odyssey is all that we’d imagined.

Casa Lonergan North
Casa Lonergan South