Manasquan River Inlet – Jersey Shore

We left Port Jefferson, NY before sunrise.

Port Jefferson before sunrise

It was dark pulling out of the anchorage but the only other boat in the anchorage was stationary when we left.

Along the way into the East River we passed several tugs pushing barges in the rain and fog.

Tug pushing a barge hailing us by name via AIS

Several hailed us using “MV Simple Life” due to our AIS. They say things like “We’ll meet you on the two” meaning a starboard to starboard pass.

The weather was not nice and I always smile when I see fishermen out in small skiff’s on crappy weather days. How much do you need your fishing fix?

Fishing in the rain and cold

Once you pass Execution light,

Execution Rocks Light

LI Sound really starts necking down.

Good thing LIS was necking down because the wind was whipping up a good beam sea

You enter the East River by going under the Throgs Neck Bridge and we always time our entrance with the current tables

Max Ebb, Flood and slack with current directions
Throgs Neck Bridge Current station

Whenever we enter the East River we are looking for bodies like on Law and Order.

Law & Order starts most episodes with finding a body in the East River

Soon your going by LaGuardia airport, Riker’s Island and the floating Jail boat

LaGuardia Airport & Riker’s Island in the East River, NYC
Riker’s Island Jail – Can you say Law & Order?
Vernon C. Bain Center (VCBC)

Then it’s the city that is thrust upon you.

If you lived here you’d be home

Traffic noise was really loud. Seemed odd to be on a boat surrounded by deafening city noise

I think the Staten Island Ferry docked here?

The sound of police sirens, helicopters, jets, traffic, everywhere.

The Brooklyn Bridge with the Stars N Stripes flying proud.

Apparently they even have boat bulletin boards.

Grinch on a floating bulletin board

Soon we were dodging water taxis and ferries like the Staten Island Ferry

Then it was by Lady Liberty

Under the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge and out to sea.

Here we found lots of large container ships surrounded by oversized tugs.

Container ship talking to the oversized tug who is delivering the harbor pilot
I want a tug boat.. I’m sure everybody does

Be careful of Romer shoal. You can’t miss the breaking surf on a lumpy day.

Romer Shoal just NE of Sandy Hook, NJ

I also noticed that Sandy Hook kinda looks like the boot of Italy, no?

Sandy Hook, NJ

Soon we were heading due South and that’s where you find a winter beach.

180 Magnetic is the direction of our Winter beach

The wind was about 20 kts but it was an offshore wind.

That meant we could hug the lee shore and have a comfortable ride.

We were traveling only 1/4 mile off the beach and you could watch the waves break.

It was dark as we made our way down the Jersey shore.

There was a SCA (Small Craft Advisory) in effect

Waves were small but the swell was large.

This shows up in the depth sounder’s and looks like a lumpy bottom.

Soon we were making our way into Manasquan River Inlet in the dark.

The tough part is that the channel is very narrow and shallow.

We had to use our searchlight to light the unlit daymarks.

Twice we had to stop because of less than 5′ of water and poke around to find the channel.

Rather than anchor in the shallows we found a Brewer’s Crystal Point marina.

Tonight we are tied to the fuel dock and we’ll be gone before sunrise bound for Cape May.

W02L003 – Today’s Leg

Port Jefferson Long Island – in the Dark

We left Point Judith just before sunrise.

Along the way the sun came up in the East and since we were heading due West it was directly on our stern.

The boat was running great and it was time to drop the throttle to the pins and see what she’ll run at. I had hoped that she would reach WOT of 2800 but alas we only hit 2700. Proof that the boat is running a bit heavy and we may need to re-pitch the prop in the Spring. I almost did it this Fall but with the moving the ballast around I figured she may run a bit different at WoT (Wide Open Throttle).

2700 RPM ain’t 2800 and maybe re-pitching the prop will fix that.

Along the way we got a “low voltage” alarm at the helm and after troubleshooting it it turned out to be the VSR (Voltage Sensititive Relay) that was not working properly. When you have a boat with 3 battery banks and 2 charging methods (alternator on the diesel & shore power battery charger) you need a VSR that combine the battery banks when there is a charging source (above 13V) and something that disconects the battery bank from the others when it drops below 12V. By isolating the battery bank you prevent all the battery banks from being depleted while allowing a single or multiple sources to charge all the battery banks at once.

Cockpit lazarette power panel. Two VSRs and 3 battery banks.

Anyway.. long story short our VSR was not combining the battery banks and I could use a manual override to force the diesel alternator to charge not just the single 8D battery for the diesel but also the Qnty 3 8D AGM (Acid Gas Mat) house batteries.

By the way. I just replaced those batteries at 160lbs a piece. I needed to be a bit younger. I’m not as strong as I was….

W02L02 (Winter 02, Leg 002) looked something like this…

OK that does not include our nighttime arrival into Port Jefferson, NY (in Long Island).

Even funnier were the dogs. They get nervous when the sea starts to get rough. That said the sea state was smooth but they were just out of practice. Chief Martin Brody was a bit nervous so by sitting on his big sister makes him relax. I’m not sure Happy agrees with this …

That’s all for tonight… I’ve been following the weather and it’s forcing us to run 12 hours days into the night to stay ahead of the NorEasters that are bringing high winds and heavy seas. We just need to get South down the Jersey coast before the Gale Force Wind warnings that are so commonplace during a NE winter…

We are anchored until sunrise @6:38AM on Tuesday. Until then.. this is our view of Port Jefferson..

W02L002 – Leg #2 From Point Judith, RI to Port Jefferson, NY